Gas Shock Repair

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Gas Shock Repair

Shock Recondition+Parts 25.00

Shock Revalving   add       5.00

2.00 for each add valve washer

Most 1/2" shafts                35.00

Walker needle shafts        75.00

most 1/2 & 5/8 seal kits    15.00

To shorten shocks by cutting & threading most shocks 80.00 each or 3.00 for each spacer. 

I am not responsible for any shipping to me or from me if you want insurance on your shipping then tell me and I will put it on Thanks.


I try to turn most jobs I get in with in 2-3 days of when I get them 


Shocks with rebund adj. can be cut and threaded but require more work and cost more to do. And in some cases I can not do it.

when shipping

When you ship your shocks it is a good idea to pack them in the box and either remove all eylet redusers or zip tie them so they dont fall out. 

If you would like shipping insurance on your shocks when I ship them back, tell me how much  in your note that you give to me about what to do with your shocks other wise I will ship with out thanks